Sharing Learning

Our network is a community of generous professionals who share their knowledge and skills in order to learn from each other.

 This area of the website is for practitioners to share their own learning, either from formal qualifications or from direct practice.

We would love network members to send contributions; photos, case studies, presentations, assignments ..... so that we can build a bank of resources for others to draw on. 

Eileen's Real Training Experience

I am currently completing a postgraduate certificate in Speech, Language and Communication Needs with Real Training.  For the 'knowledge and skills' component I had to write an assignment and produce a multi-media presentation. These increased my understanding at a theoretical level and prompted me to look more closely at our practice in school. The presentation can be adapted for training purposes . 

The role of speech, language and communication development within the educational context

A critical analysis of SLCN within the school context 

A critique of local policy and practice for joint working with pupils with SLCN